ILO 100 years – Journey for social justice “Shared ideals of Ho Chi Minh and ILO towards decent work for all”

Cập nhật: 18/09/2019 10:25
ILO 100 years – Journey for social justice “Shared ideals of Ho Chi Minh and ILO towards decent work for all” Xem lịch sử tin bài

On August 27th, 2019, Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Social (MOLISA) and tripartite agencies of Vietnam in cooperation with International Labour Organization ILO held the 100th Anniversary of ILO’s establishment (1919 – 2019) and ideals of Ho Chi Minh on labour and social security with the theme “Shared ideals of Ho Chi Minh and ILO towards decent work for all”

Attending the event were Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, Minister of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs Dao Ngoc Dung; Mrs. Deborah Greenfield, Deputy General Director of ILO, Mr. Chang-Hee Lee, National Director of ILO Vietnam; representatives of Leaderships, Former Leaderships of the agencies representatives of the Tripartite partners in Vietnam; Party’s agencies, National Assembly’s agencies; representatives from Ministries, sectors, international organizations, embassies…

This event is also a forum where Vietnam and ILO together assessing on the era value of the similarities in the ideals of Ho Chi Minh President and the founders of ILO; History and the achievement of Vietnam and ILO on labour and social affairs; Future of employment in the context of the effects of the 4.0 industrial revolution, population aging and climate change; reaffirming the commitment of closed cooperation between the two sides in the effort to ensure decent work for people in the new context.

In the opening speech, Minister Dao Ngoc Dung said that during 100 years, governments and the organizations representing for employees and employers of the first 42 member countries and 187 member countries currently of ILO have passed 190 Conventions to set up a international labour standard system relating to all aspects of labour, employment, including the standard on labour condition, industrial relations, social security,… Especially, in 1998, ILO passed the Declaration on the Basic principles and rights in labour which call on the responsibility, enhancement and implementation of the basic principles and rights, including the right of organize and collective bargaining, eliminating all kinds of force labour; eliminating child labour issues, especially the worst child exploitation; eliminating all kinds of discrimination in labour.

According to the Minister, Vietnam is always the responsible member country of ILO. Vietnam has ratified 24 Conventions of ILO, in which there are 6 basic Conventions. In particular, Vietnam National Assembly has voted to pass the Convention No. 98 of ILO on Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining with 100% of votes. This is the important Convention of ILO on right of bargaining of the employees with employers about salary as well as the other rights and benefits of both employees and employers.

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam said that “Convention No.98 of ILO on applying principle of right of organization and collective bargaining is one of important international labour standards help Vietnam strengthening innovation in industrial relations and completing Labour Code”. According to the Deputy Prime Minister, Vietnam and ILO have been together cooperating in order to realize the similarity ideals of the Founders of ILO and Ho Chi Minh President on social equality, decent work for peace, and happiness for all people.

About the ideals of Ho Chi Minh President in the policies of labour and social security, the Deputy Prime Minister affirms that many contents remain all theoretical and practical value. They have been revealed in some basic issues, namely: ensuring right of freedom, honor labour; create jobs, providing vocational education and improve qualifications for workers; salaries and improve the material and spiritual life of workers; ensuring work safety and building harmonious and stable industrial relations ...

In the speech at the event, Deputy General Director of ILO Deborah Greenfield emphasizes the role of basic principles and rights in labour. The future employment brings back many chances for Vietnam to enhance economic development and chance to achieve the target of the country having high average income. ILO commits to accompany with Vietnam to meet the target of dignity, economic security and equal opportunity.

At the event, the participants also have a chance to review the development history of the labour issue in Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh’s Ideals towards the decent work, companion with ILO during 100 years, the route for social justice and future employment orientation. At the same time, all participants discuss and issue a tripartite Declaration on the future of fair and sustainable employment for all.